Psalms (2006)


Written by Peter James and recorded by Kairos Ensemble in October 2005. The CD features guest musicians Raul D'Oliviera (trumpet), Gerard Le Feuvre (cello), Dave Okumu (lead guitar), Johnny James (rhythm guitar) and Charlotte Parmiter (backing vocals).

"On hearing 'Psalms' by Kairos I am encouraged to know that innovation still lives and that there are those courageous enough to forge a new path. I have found jazz soul mates. I have also discovered the song 'The Lord is near' that I believe to have huge congregational potential. I'm a believer!" - Chris Bowater, Songwriter & Worship leader

"I love the freshness of the arrangements, harmonizations, the raw musical energy, the superb quality playing from each muso and the declaratory nature of the lead vox with his improvisatory, spontaneous, prophetic, melodic expressions - wonderful! I will play this CD often - track 2, 10 and 14 already firm favorites [played LOUD!!!]" - Geraldine Latty, Songwriter & Worship leader

"What attracts me to the Psalms is their passion, honesty and breadth of expression. They articulate the tensions between hope and despair, faith and doubt, exuberant praise and deep mourning. The aspiration was to capture something of their essence through this music, not set word for word a particular translation. Improvisation and free musical genres mixed with more structured song writing intends to communicate their vitality and freshness." - Peter James, Composer

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