What's so good about Rejoicing Blues

Hi, its Richard here, I thought I'd take a minute to tell you why I'm so pleased with our new album.

First of all, all the tunes are great compositions! Over the years we've been playing together we have found and developed the 'sound' of the band and these tunes I think represent the breadth of that sound. There's great variety within this collection but each composition fits the band like a glove.

Secondly I think our playing is at it's best on the album. Pete and Dan create some beautiful solos and sounds, Tom as ever keeps everything very groovy and I'm even pleased with my bass line anchors :-)

Thirdly the actual sound of the album is fantastic which is largely down to the amazing gear at Snap Studios and the amazing ears of the engineer there Mr Marco Pasquriello (I'm sure he could hear the difference between 2 pins dropping, I say this because he even noticed when I briefly switched mouthpieces for the solo on Lost Property. This actually makes him more tuba geeky than most tuba players).

And finally I think it looks great. The cover design looks earthy and organic which I think sums the whole thing up very nicely.


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